Wowee! what a whirlwind . Recap--- Eastern Europe...= amazing. so many kind people and such natural beauty. Lots of hiking and climbing of stairs- breathtaking views and incredible experiences. Would love to return someday. Inspired to expand our gardening operation here at home, trying to continue down the path of sustainability and connection to our food and to the earth.

Kelly Jackson and I had a vey quick journey to Oklahoma to perform and had an absolute blast. Thank you to the native broadcasters for hosting us and being such a warm receptive audience. Our next really big gig comes in August for the Eclipse. we'll be taking the whole band out west to Oregon and what a great time that will be. !!!

So many dates are already booked for the upcoming summer season- I'm stoked to get over to Pirate's Hideaway in Eagle River- as well as back to Blend- the little coffee house that really is so much more.

I'll be kicking off the "music in the park" series in Manitowish Waters this year on May 21st and then I'll be heading to Hollywood! Little Cabin Entertainment is Hosting a Rooftop concert on Wed the 24th and we'll be hard at work shooting the Music video for "Love is Just" prior to that. Speaking of.---- "love is just" has officially been released to a Global audience. I'm vey excited for everyone to hear the new track and hoping to welcome some new fans to the apple love music orchard.

Our very favorite music festival is Memorial day weekend- Mellen Jam! I'll be heading to the sacred ground as soon as I get back from L.A. - Looking forward to seeing everyone there as we celebrate another trip around the sun.

in closing- I'd leave you with this. I had a chicken escape its run last summer. I was home with only the dog, who didn't do a very good job corralling the chicken back to her coop. I believe Ginger was "at large" for nearly 3 hrs. That experience helped guide our actions just the other day, when like deja vu- Ginger got loose again. You see, regardless of how nimble one may fancy themselves, a chicken has smarts and instincts to elude even the most clever of mammals. you'd think the bird has eyes in the back of its head. I would reckon it's much easier to catch the loose bird with 2 people than on ones own, and I certainly would rather be chasing a chicken than an old Mare and it's colt. (one of the unforgettable sights from our Bulgaria experience)-- So very fortunate to have snatched up pallets from behind the loading dock at printpack- for I had learned that while I'm not quick enough to catch the bird, I am able to erect structures that limit her roaming and eventually direct her path to the coop in the garage. once again the dog was no help, but Callie and I ended up being able to get Ginger back in her rightful place after only an hour or so.  but you can't chase a chicken with any reasonable expectation of catching it... or at least I can't ... :)  





One Week from today the Single "love is just", will hit the global markets! I'm really excited to be able to share the reproduced version of this track from "November Snow"! Jeff Bova ( really did some fine work bringing it all together in a fresh new way. Some new talent graces the track also- Tim Pierce with some super tasteful electric guitar ( and Windy Wagner brought some smooth and sultry backing vocals ( Dan Cable on Percussion and Charlie Strong on Bass.  The track will be available for download anywhere fine music is sold. Pleased to announce also that the official video for "love is just", will be soon to follow the audio release.  look for that in the early part of summer~ Thanks for supporting Live music and thanks so much for supporting me in my endeavors. Be sure to check out the rest of the music here and be in touch if you'd be interested in purchasing an album or making arrangements for a performance near you.  

Well, Another Fabulous year at Mountain Top Music Fest in Wakefield, MI ! Love and appreciation to everyone who made it up to the mountain this year! The staff at Indianhead and Blackjack did a super Job and the musicians really brought some great music and energy. I'm fortunate to have been able to be part of the experience- thank you !

Looking forward to this Year's Mellen Jam ! I'm thinking that between Phyl and Friends, Feeding Leroy, and myself- we'll have some pretty fantastic jams to keep your toes tappin'.


I've also got some cool events in the next few weeks before I embark on an Eastern European expedition- this Saturday I'm at granite peak in Wausau for Brew Fest from 1-5 then it's on to Minocqua for a special event at the Campanile Center to Honor the Water Walkers. Mni Wiconi~

Friday April 7th I'm playing at the Sawmill Brewing company in Merrill which I'm very excited about, and Saturday the 8th I've got a private party in Rhinelander with Dig Deep !

Then- I travel to Bulgaria with my Fiance' and two of our friends for a 2 week journey. excited to experience a new culture and landscape and hoping to find a little inspiration in the Baltic region.

OK, so the Big news to look forward to .... Little Cabin Entertainment is distributing my song "Love is Just" thru the Orchard on April 21st. ! "Love is Just" appears on my album "November Snow". We've been Hard at work on a new version of this song, I've been in the studio working with Grammy winning producer Jeff Bova and am thrilled about working with additional artists Tim Pierce (guitar)  and Windy Wagner (vocals)  

the new version sounds amazing and I can't wait for you all to hear it! A video should be quick to follow the release of the audio track- so we'll actually have a great video to go with the new version of the track.

Thanks so much for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you out and about!   

This has been a long journey

It's mid January in the northwoods and the blustery chill of winter is finally making its arrival. The "maybe I" season, as I like to think of it, has been more out than in. I believe it's a good thing. Typically a slow time of year, especially since the seasonal outdoor activities haven't been in full swing, I'm playing pretty consistently 4 nights a week. Some weeks more... The December issue of Relix magazine has hit the stands and I'm hoping that folks that found me on track 6 of the sampler are enjoying the sentiment- hopefully checking out other songs of mine and gearing up for the new release. Seven Songs with a potential plus one- Advertised as the "Duck Clack EP", Supposed to be listed as the 'Duck Clark EP", I'm still bouncing around Ideas for an alternate title. Possibly will call it "November Snow"-  in the final stages of that though - so A title change - artwork- it'll come together and then be ready to hit the printers- really excited about the tracks and I've literally been waiting almost 5 years to get these songs out to you.

Greetinga and salutations ~ WoW ! this summer really flew by! I want to extend my graditude to all the venues that allowed me to play- and a big thanks to everyone who showed up in support of live music and live music venues.

Liam Kyle Cahil Released "the key to happiness" this year! I was lucky enough to be featured on harmonica for his track "Sunrise"~ He's got a lot of energy behind this release and I'd encourage you to check out his stuff. The production work is top notch and overall has a very uplifting feel.

Slowly but surely more progress on "the Lampshade man and other tales" is being made- thank you for your eagerness! we will have a great celebration together when it's all finished! Mark Richardson and I are hoping to get you a sneak peak at the album via having one of the tracks ready in the coming weeks- available to you via exclusive download-

I'm also pretty excited to announce I'll be hitting the highway with the Ditchrunners in October! the 24 day tour will take us through the heart of the midwest. I will be playing bass with the guys and I also will perform some opening sets throughout the tour. got friends or relatives in the area? let em know and encourage them to come see us out on the road.

Thanks for all your continued support and for letting me share my music with you! Peace and Love and everything beautiful~


MMI Presents: Battle Of The Bands

MMI Presents: Battle Of The Bands

Wednesday, May 15th 2013

 7:00 pm

This event is 18 and over

MMI Presents: Battle Of The Bands
MMI Presents: Battle Of The Bands
7:00-7:15 Max Dvorak

7:30-7:45 Left of Reason

8:00-8:15 Dead Apples

8:30-8:45 Parias Day

9:00-9:15 Underground Day 1

9:30-9:45 Scott Kirby

10:00-10:15 Lords of the Trident

10:30-10:45 Emerge

11:00-11:15 The Rascal Theory

11:30-11:45 Fourst

12:00-12:15 Not Made Men

-A full day recording at Madison Media Institute with the insanely credentialed staff

-Photo session with Sweeney Photography

-20 band shirts from Merchspace

-Home recording package from Frequency Sales

-Acoustic guitar and more from Guitar Center

-Copies of Tour:Smart and a consult session with myself.

-The winning band will also perform at the after-party for WJJO’s BandCamp!

-Not only that but audience members will be entertained by last years winners Lords Of The Trident.


Martin Atkins and morning radio personality Biatch from WJJo’s morning show along with more to be announced, will be grading bands on the traditional categories for these events (stage presence, musicianship, songs etc) but also how they deal with the crowd, do they encourage their fans to stay for all of the bands an support the scene, how is their merchandise booth set up etc.

The event is run and staffed by current and former EMB and Madison Media Institute students….ROCK ON!
Venue Information:
High Noon Saloon
701A E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI, 53703


Hey don't forget every Thursday at the Northwestern in Rhinelander Open mic is the place to be...9 pm is generally when things get started... whether you play or you're just there to watch, your support of the local music scene is always appreciated. note, to musicians: there are many venues that you can perform your versions of "mustang sally" and "Brown eyed girl" at... this is not one of them... while we can appreciate you getting your "feet wet" if you're just starting out, or playing us your favorite Dylan tune, priority will be given to folks who are looking for a chance to perform their original stop on by and support the local scene... thanks..
"music is one of those things that will bring you up as high as you think you're ever gonna get and it can also bring you down to the point where you question if it all is worth it. look at kurt cobain...Janis joplin....jimi...the list goes on."
While in nashville, one of the coolest things to happen was meeting Scott Steele and recording vocals for his song, "hurricane Celeste". Not to mention the fact that the guy producing the demo had been on stage with Clint Black for 10 years. I'm still waiting for a copy of the mp3 which I'll post for your listening pleasure. Best of luck to Mr. Steele and his songwriting success.

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